• What information does Electric Family store?

    Electric Family does not store any payment information in our backend system. Please see our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service for further information: Privacy Policy (http://electricfamily.com/pages/privacy-policy) Terms of Service (http://electricfamily.com/pages/terms-of-service) If t...
  • How does the refer-a-friend program work?

    To qualify for a promo code, the referred person must (i) be a new customer, (ii) use a referral link to obtain the promo code and (iii) place an order with a subtotal that is greater than or equal to $25. Referring customers will receive a referral credit in their email after the referral is con...
  • FAM Points

    FAM Points is our reward based point system where you can earn points to spend on your next purchase! For every $1 spent, you will earn 10 FAM Points. You can cash out your FAM Points to earn: * $5 Off Coupon - 500 FAM Points * $10 Off Coupon - 1000 FAM Points * $25 Off Coupon - 2000 FAM Point...
  • Can I retroactively add a discount code?

    All discount codes must be applied during checkout, and only orders that are unfulfilled will be eligible for retroactive discounts. Discount code must still be active for it to apply, and time-dependent codes will not be honored unless the purchase was made during the promo period. If you woul...
  • Can I use a discount code and gift card?

    Yes you can! During checkout, make sure to fill out the appropriate field for the discount code & gift card and both of them will be applied at checkout.
  • Can I use more than one discount code?

    No. One discount code per customer per transaction. There are absolutely no exceptions.
  • Where is my order coming from?

    Los Angeles, California
  • Inquiring for Free Promo Items

    We do not ship out free merchandise to influencers/personnel who we do not currently work with.