I received 30% off on Black Friday, but the same product is 40% off on Cyber Monday. Can I get a price adjustment?

We release most/all of our products as limited edition because we want the individual purchasing the item to feel the exclusivity and pride of obtaining such a limited item before it sells out. Typically this is true for all capsules & other artist releases that we have done in the past where we sell out of the most popular items on the first couple days and the remaining sizes/colors go on sale a few weeks later.

By purchasing on the first day, you are guaranteeing to purchase your item of choice in the color/size that you want, versus if you waited additional days, it might've not been available because it's sold out.

You may cancel your order and reorder it to receive the additional discounts, but we cannot guarantee the items you purchased will remain in stock because other people may be on the website with the item in their cart.

This can be done in your order history once you log in here: https://www.electricfamily.com/account/login

We are not responsible for any mishaps to your previous order if you decide to forfeit your initial order.